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Free Download The Hope Handbook PDF? Download, Free Book Torrent On Ebook Bay (ebb), Handbook For Vegetable Larte di amare Erich Fromm. Each book has an epub, site, Kobo, and new “epub3" format for download. Jul 19, Topics l'arte di amare, erich fromm. El peritaje caligrafico guzman pdf. 2 Letter published in the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” of 8 October “It was and Erich Fromm says in his best-seller The Art of Loving: “If I really love one 1 E. Fromm, L'arte di amare, Il Saggiatore, Milan , p. 64 .

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I being a scientist have big problems with that. I also think that he suffers from a cultural bias, in that in Eurocentric cultures, at least, love as a concept actually refers to various different things, which roughly corresponds to the different "types" of love.

However, I think that it is just an accident of language that English has one word to refer to all of those, which gives the illusion that all of these concepts are inter-related and compose a superset of human emotions. However, one simply has to look to other cultures, and one will realize that there are actually different words that refer to these "types" of love. Greek for example has four different words for what the English language refers to as "love".

The Art of Loving

Lewis actually has a book discussing the Four Loves as seen in Christianity. Thus, I fear that this book, which is in a way a typology of "love" may actually be resting on the false premise that there is something in common will all manifestations of love, and that Fromm is just undergoing an endeavor that is ontologically faulty.

This can be seen by the various differing assumptions that he makes regarding the different types of love. Speaking of assumptions, this is another part in which I have problems with.

He makes all these assumptions about the various characteristics of various "loves" but I can think of so many counter-examples to prove him wrong. One assumption he has is the instinct of the mother to her offspring, and how that is the defining factor in motherly love.

He claims that mothers by virtue of giving birth of her child, are predisposed to love her child unconditionally. I believe the contrary. I think I can re-explain every phenomenon he tackles with a simpler rule, without resorting to various other assumptions, and that is by claiming that "love" as we know it is simply a matter of constraint satisfaction and selfishness.

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We show love to a target because we need something from the target: whether it be one's child, one's brother, one's sexual partner, or one's God. If the need goes away, then we stop showing love. Thus, in the case of motherly love, when there is another need that is present in the mother, that runs counter to the need pertaining to the infant, then the mother will sooner or later give up the child for adoption, abandoning the infant in one way or another.

If motherly love were instinctive, then we won't actually be witness to the grave number of orphanages around the world. Another assumption he makes is the centrality of the male-female opposition.

He claims that these two poles are necessary for real erotic love to happen. By implication, he explicitly claims that homosexuals are incapable of love. I tend to disagree.

Personally, I believe that humans can be post-gendered and has the ability to be attracted to another person, regardless of the other person's gender, if one's constraints are set up that way. Thus, gender variation for me is just a matter of constraint setting. I do not like the fact that Fromm categorically eliminates the ability to love from non-heterosexual people.

He is therefore skeptical about popular ideas such as " falling in love " or being helpless in the face of love. However, Fromm observes that real love "is not a sentiment which can be easily indulged in by anyone.

This should be considered a rare achievement p. Fromm defended these opinions also in interview with Mike Wallace when he states: "love today is a relatively rare phenomenon, that we have a great deal of sentimentality; we have a great deal of illusion about love, namely as a But the question is that one cannot fall in love, really; one has to be in love. And that means that loving becomes, and the ability to love, becomes one of the most important things in life.

Each of these is difficult to define and can differ markedly depending on the people involved and their circumstances.

Seen in these terms, love is hard work, but it is also the most rewarding kind of work.

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World Perspectives Series. According to Fromm, loving oneself is quite different from arrogance, conceit or egocentrism.

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